project of the month: AMLI Fountain Place - Dallas

Switch Rail is pleased to provide fall protection on the tallest construction project in Dallas, Texas, in 30 years.

The new 47 story AMLI Fountain Place will rise in place of the once-planned, second phase, of the I.M. Pei's Fountain Place Tower.

Features of the new AMLI Residential property will include 367 luxury apartments with an 18,000 SF park-like roof deck setting where residents can experience the city and the sky while entertaining or relaxing in outdoor kitchens, cabanas or green space.

Rising above the 10th floor roof deck green space are 314 'typical' apartment units with the building’s sloping geometry providing 53 'unique' living spaces in the top seven stories.

The AMLI Fountain Place property broke ground in 2017 with and estimated completion in 2019.

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project of the month: Cook county hospital redevelopment


Switch Rail is proud to be a part of the iconic renovation of the "Old" Cook County Hospital.

The 345,000-square-foot Beaux Arts building at 1835 W. Harrison Street, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, will reopen as Hyatt House and Hyatt Place hotels delivering a combined 210 guest rooms. The facility will also house new medical offices and retail space.

Due to the integrity of the floors, we were not able to anchor into any of the decks so we provided our "standard" non-penetrating counterweight system. This system rests directly on the deck and is held in place with weighted plates and fully complies to OSHA safety regulations.

Switch Rail is easy to work with, is fully engineered, and is the most economical system in the marketplace. All of SwitchRail products are available on a rental basis for short or long term projects.

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I was totally impressed with the visual appeal, the integrity of the system, and how easy it was for my guys to install and move around.
— Johnny H. (Field Worker)