the problem

A project was using the cable & stanchion system for their stairwells being poured with concrete. Wood rail was not allowed for temporary handrail use. It was taking the crew an enormous amount of time to install the cable system because they had to drill pilot holes to install epoxy anchors for the stanchions, anchor the stanchions into the concrete and complete the process with cables, fist grips & turnbuckles.

The Switchrail solution

The customer asked us to do a trial "mock-up" of our standard anchored stair system. Upon getting the material to the mock-up stairwell, they put us on the clock. The installation took 37 minutes for one complete floor. They ordered 78 stair system setups, then adding additional rails around the perimeter of the stair landings and openings.

Completed Set Up.JPG

505 Church 8 (1).jpg


A job with no budget for a SwitchRail system went forward using a 2x4 stick-built rail. As they progressed up 2 floors, they realized having to install the 2x4 to work on the deck, removing the 2x4 to fly the tables, and put back the 2x4 upon completion, it was going to be very costly and take a great deal of time longer per floor.


The customer asked for a 2 floor trial of our Standard Horizontal Clamp System. Once they initially set it up, they used it for the remaining 45 stories of the building. They also added our Standard Post Tension Anchored System for the perimeter and all other fall hazard areas throughout the project.


A general contractor found a clip system that was to be used in conjunction with 2x4s and installed 1/2 of the first of 7 floors. After the curtain wall contractor arrived onsite to start their installation of the windows, they realized the system had no flexibility and had to be positioned on the slab edge as is. They had to remove it section by section as they installed the windows.


We were asked to review the situation and instantly knew our Standard Anchored System would work by moving the anchor point inside the slab edge to allow for the window connections to be installed. They ordered the remaining 6 floors of our system and used it on their next project from start to finish.

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SwitchRail Safety Systems definitely made the process of building a building faster.
— Brian E. (Project Manager)