SwitchRail Safety Systems Horizontal and Parapet Clamps provide for rapid attachment of railing systems to existing structures, allowing for the maximum amount of mobility for your construction crews.

The SRHC (Switch Rail Horizontal Clamp) attaches quickly to new and existing platforms, concrete plank and slab structures.

The SRPC (Switch Rail Parapet Clamp) attaches to existing parapets and solid vertical structures providing steel handrail security in minutes.


counterweight system

Literally the fastest deployed railing system in the west (and can’t be beat in the east!). 

SwitchRail Safety Systems counterweight rails are the simplest to set and secure an area. Merely carry the base plates, weights and railing sections to the desired location and set them down – it's that simple.


Single Man Tie-Off System

SwitchRail Safety Systems continues to develop labor and cost saving products like the Single Man Non-Penetrating Tie-Off Anchor, providing fall arrest and/or restraint for a single person (patent pending).

SwitchRail has become a big part of our safety program. The ease of use and the flexibility with their various systems make it a no brainer to use.
— Dan T. (Safety Manager)